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Celtos Zombie Cauldron

This article isn’t technically about a ‘new’ model as the cauldron is already a few years old. However, the model has never been available in stores and has only been given away as a limited miniature at shows or to distributors and promotion teams. The re-release is also completely cast in metal while the original cauldron was resin with metal parts, so labelling it as a new release seems to be OK.

model with white primer

The model
The model comes in two parts: The cauldron plus the two emerging zombies that are cast as a single piece. The first thing you notice is the weight of the model. It is a solid metal cast weighting 78g - compared to 28g of the ‘original’ resin/metal model. With a lot of manufacturers switching from metal to plastic or resin these days, the cauldron is a welcome distraction from this trend. While I appreciate resin for terrain pieces or vehicles and plastic for large multi-part kits, I’m a bit old school when it comes to miniatures. I simply like the weight of a metal mini – it somehow ‘feels’ better than a plastic or resin model. I know that there is always a heated discussion going on, comparing the advantages or flaws of using metal vs. plastic vs. resin for a miniature, so I’m aware, that you might have a different opinion about that. Please feel free to disagree with me. The cauldron is a big pot with handles shaped like horned demon skulls. It rests on top of a pyre made of wood, destroyed shields and bones. Flames are licking up the sides of the cauldron. The inside has boiling liquid with bubbles sculpted on the surface. The cauldron is tilted slightly to the side and waves of liquid spill down the sides. There is a hole and a groove where the Zombies fit onto the model.
The Zombies are cast as a single piece with one zombie only half visible while the other is in the process of stepping out of the cauldron with one leg over the side of the cauldron. He is grappling the shoulder of the other Zombie either to drag his comrade t of the cauldron or to steady himself while getting out. Both models are sculpted in the style of Celtos Fir Bolg Zombies with long hair, a few bits of armour, boots and a kilt. That means, they are basically zombiefied Gael warriors. The cauldron itself is 26mm high and 30mm across at its widest point. With the zombies ‘plugged in’, the model’s height increases to 39mm and the width to 32mm.
The cast is very clean. The model supplied to me has no flash and one barely visible mould line, that is easy to clean up, so the model is practically immediately ready for priming and painting.

Gaming Potential
The theme of the mini is -as far as I know- unique. There is at least one cauldron with a witch out there supplied by Heresy Miniatures, but the ‘Zombies pop out of your supper’ approach has not been done elsewhere. Unfortunately there are no official rules for using the pot with Celtos at this time of review (Jan 2012), so you either have to make up your own house rules or use the mini as a regular member of a zombie unit.
The model ties in easily with other fantasy settings, so you shouldn’t have problems fitting it in with other undead units or as an attachment to a necromancer, lich or sorcerer hero. With the right painting skills, it might also work for a post-apoc or cyberpunk setting – zombie punk anyone?
I will be using the cauldron as a spawn point for monsters in a dungeon setting.
With a little skill and the use of green stuff, you can easily fill the slot where the zombies fit in and use the cauldron as a stand alone item for dioramas or terrain projects. It shouldn’t be a problem to substitute the zombies with other things emerging from the depth of the cauldron. Demons, skeletons, imps or other monsters certainly come to mind. You get a very versatile model with lots of uses and much potential for conversions.

Old vs. New
How does the metal miniature differ from the ‘original’ release? The cauldron has been cleaned up a little bit for casting reasons. The delicate handlebars on the skulls have been removed as well as a few drops of spillage and some minor details on the flames. This doesn’t affect the overall impression of the miniature and had to be done to accommodate the switch from resin to metal casting. You get a solid and clean cast miniature in the distinctive classic Celtos style, which can be used for a lot of different purposes – Well done Brigade Models!

bare metal minis out of the box


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